Trash Talk 2.0


Jules’ Pieri writes in her new blog about an interesting trend. Facebook profiles are being used as fodder for trash talk in sports. Not only can a poorly managed online presence hurt your reputation in the professional world, it can throw off your game as well.

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Tufts students started passing around a paper “dossier.” The clearly-proud owner of the papers told his buddies, “I asked a friend of mine at Middlebury to send me Facebook profiles for their lacrosse team. Help me figure out who’s who.”
Every time a Middlebury player came close to us, the gang of Tufts students scanned the targeted person’s Facebook profile for appropriate trash talk fodder. Needless to say, they never came up empty-handed. Every detail that the Middlebury guys had posted online was fair game…girlfriend’s names (and quickly, their reputations); embarrassing events (one Middlebury guy had admitted to a particularly unfortunate loss of sphincter control at a local bar–man oh man did that get a lot of airtime); the fact that the Middlebury goalie’s dad is apparently the CEO of a prominent corporation inspired a game-long barrage of “silver spoon” insults.

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