With Three Screens, Who’s Still Reading Print?


I saw this article (see below in my Clipmarks field) today in AdWeek regarding a recent study by the Newspaper National Network. I read news in print and online religiously and I would like to think that these optimistic findings on the ailing news industry are accurate. However, I am interested in learning more about the specific details of the study as this was conducted by an organization founded ” by a cross-industry effort to reverse a long-term decline in national advertising in newspapers.” (Quoted from NNN website at http://www.nnnlp.com/about.shtml.)

I wonder what demographic made up the majority of this study. As a twentysomething on-the-go student and working professional, it is a luxury to sit down with an actual paper and read the news. Actually, around 4:00pm every Sunday afternoon when I am in the middle of plowing through my work and I realize that I won’t have time to grab my Starbucks and read the Sunday Times, I regretfully settle for skimming the articles online. On weekdays, I read the news on my Blackberry as I run to class or work. It is a rare occasion that I can actually sit down and read through a stack of print news.

I didn’t see the age of survey participants reported in this article either. My demographic really began to appreciate reading the news by the time it was already readily available on the web. Reading a paper is as much of a discontinuous behavior as our habit of reading news online must seem to older readers who grew up with print. So I have to say, my own personal perspective is skewed. My demographic has matured in the era of “three screens” (ie. cell, computer, TV); so I wonder, who’s really still regularly reading print as this article suggests?

clipped from www.adweek.com
It may shock some to learn that frequent newspaper Web site readers regularly read the print edition too, according to a new study from the Newspaper National Network.
A telephone survey of adults who said they visited an online newspaper in the past seven days found that “crossover” users—adults who read both print and online newspaper—make up the largest segment. Eighty-one percent of newspaper Web site users said they also read the print edition in the last seven days.
Crossover readers aren’t reducing the time spent with the newspaper either. Fifty-two percent of those surveyed revealed they have maintained the combined time reading either the Web site or the print edition; 35 percent said they actually increased their time with both products. Only 12 percent of crossover readers said they have decreased their time spent with either print or online newspapers.
Online-only users tend to skew female, the survey revealed.
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