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I have been revisiting The Cluetrain Manifesto, a classic, must-read work by Chris Locke, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger. Here are a few notes from the opening pages I jotted down in my Moleskine : “The return of the human voice” replaces the “monotone of the mission statement.” “Empower the public to speak on your […]

Image from This week I was in New York for work. Rushing between meetings, I hopped into a cab with my colleague instead of trying to find the subway. Sitting in the back of the cab, I noticed a rather large TV screen that played several circulating ads. As a Web user I am […]

This year I had the pleasure of meeting with one of my favorite people in business, Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone. Ferrazzi has been instrumental in reintroducing relationships based in generosity and real, lasting connection to red ocean business environments. In Never Eat Alone, Ferrazzi shakes up the shark pond with a simple, […]

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“Digitally Deficient CMOs Need Not Apply“ Thanks to Steve Rubel for posting a link to this article on Micro Persuasion A New Kind of Flickr for Professional Content I learned about Viewbook, a new site for professional photo and portfolio sharing from Mashable Bryan Person’s smart marketing and social media blog @ Josh Spear […]

I was quite sad when I read the Times last week and learned that two magazines, both written with an interesting perspective on modern culture and business are in danger of ending. Jane, the women’s magazine written that tried to introduce a bit of edge and reality to the genre, will be closing after 10 […]

I’ve been so excited by my experience working and connecting on the Web recently. I never considered myself a technology or internet enthusiast until I joined the conversation online; now I am completely hooked. I’ve felt that all of this innovation is less about state-of-the-art gadgetry and is more about making it easier and more […]

Time has threatened to stop publishing Business 2.0, one of the most timely magazines on newsstands, because of lagging ad sales. Editors and Business 2.0 enthusiasts have taken the fight to save the magazine to the Web and are showing their solidarity and support on social networking sites. I was pleased to see the activity […]

As a student paying my own way through college, I’ve had a very close working relationship with Sallie Mae over the past three years. I have always been quite satisfied with the company and its representatives whom I’ve found, without fail, to be really nice, patient and helpful. Today I was running downtown, dodging traffic […]

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Here is my post from “July 17, 2007 Interning at Ziggs On today’s Web, amateur bloggers command publishing space alongside our most seasoned writers; citizen shoppers join the ranks of Consumer Reports; and classmates create friend groups with the scope and influence of master networkers. Interning at Ziggs has allowed me to experience a striking […]