This Could Be Next: Google WallPapr


It would be interesting to see Facebook users’ wall space monetized. Think “Google AdWords WallPaper”… or maybe just “WallPapr”? This could be the next social mashup media buy.

This could be used to serve up a fresh and fun branding message. What about offering gifting dollars (or real compensation) for allocating sponsored wall space to advertisers? To make the advertising more meaningful, perhaps students could select the advertiser he/she would like to feature and would be given free branded virtual gifts to pass out to friends (for example if users opt-in to advertise, give them virtual gifts to pass out to friends that reflect the user generated designs on the site; or allow them to advertise Virgin Airways in order to  receive free gifts featuring a virtual image of its iconic stewardess).



One Response to “This Could Be Next: Google WallPapr”

  1. It’s not all that often I read something on Twitter and wish it were a blog post, but I feel you’re on to something here. Not if Facebook starts making ads, but instead, if facebook users can start doing something to monetize their property. Think about how they’d work even harder to get people to their page. More views, more money. Maybe a rev share with facebook (because there has to be a reason for their bandwidth to spike).

    Cooooool idea.

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