Why Doesn’t Technorati Track Tweets?


As a recently-hooked, now power-user of Twitter, I track micro-community editorial in the same manner that I follow some of my favorite blogs. Instead of a full page post, I read haiku 140 character highlights on everything from what my friends are having for dinner…twit.jpg

…to cool content they’re uploading to share with the Web.


One smart Twitterer, Anil of Six Apart, raised an interesting question about Technorati not tracking the micro-blogosphere:


I wonder what “authority” my little Tweets would have.

Any thoughts?


3 Responses to “Why Doesn’t Technorati Track Tweets?”

  1. Just FYI: Anil works for Six Apart, as in Vox, TypePad, and Movable Type.

    That said, how useful would it be? I’m not sure, but if you start looking at tweets out of context (even if you’re only following one person in a conversation), they can be pretty confusing. I think there’s a real question of how you would index them in a usable way, and I mean that as a matter of information architecture not technology.

  2. Amanda — Thanks for adding me on Twitter. I reciprocated. Anyway, you can claim your tweets on Technorati. Just do a normal claim and post the code in a tweet. It’ll pick right up.

  3. Hey Amanda, I’d like to subscribe to your blog in the good-old old fashioned way through a subscription. Will you be setting that up for us not-quite-ready-for-Twitter oldsters? I use Feedburner on my blog.

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