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I have been so amazed by the action my little blog has gotten in the past week. I went from writing in an echo-chamber (I was my own most frequent and engaged reader) to seeing a huge increase in readership, comments and interaction. The most influential tool that has helped to build my budding American Shelf Life community has been Twitter. Twitter’s users are a galvanized, connected bunch. With real generosity, my Twitter community has checked out and commented on my posts, much to my surprise and delight. Today when I logged on to Technorati, I noticed that my freshman blog has authority! My authority rating may totally pale in comparison to other power-blogs like BoingBoing, Mashable and TechCrunch, but for a relatively new blogger and Twitter, it’s a great thrill. Keep reading and commenting- I really appreciate the interaction.


One Response to “This is My Blog…. This is My Blog on Twitter”

  1. I’d be interested to hear how you used Twitter to drive traffic — intentionally or otherwise. Twitter, in my mind, fall under the category of “they provide the technology/you decide what it’s for). There’s many different ways to use it.

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