This Could Be Next: A Mashup of Meta Search


I am impressed by Symbaloo’s mashup and integration of search across several popular platforms like Google, LinkedIn and CNN.symbaloo.jpg

However, I would love to see this concept developed as a mashup of meta search engines so that users can simultaneously search across several platforms in a specific category. Imagine: instead of searching for airline tickets, being able to search and then moving your mouse over the site and having immediate access to simultaneously search several consumer goods shopping sites through Symbaloo already features select meta search engines like but full integration of meta search engines on one, easy to use site would take this already cool service to the next level.


One Response to “This Could Be Next: A Mashup of Meta Search”

  1. I like how when you click on the cnn widget the latest headlines come up in a small scroll screen. This would be nice for other sites like NYTimes, Mashable, ect. Can you add other widgets yet like you can on a google homepage?

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