Joining is Believing


I’ve been so excited by my experience working and connecting on the Web recently. I never considered myself a technology or internet enthusiast until I joined the conversation online; now I am completely hooked. I’ve felt that all of this innovation is less about state-of-the-art gadgetry and is more about making it easier and more fun and enjoyable to do what we as humans have appreciated for centuries- connecting, talking, sharing a little (or a lot) about ourselves, our wants, interests, concerns, small talk, big, important talk…

I now feel passionate and sure that the companies that are indifferent or perhaps afraid of really, fully engaging in the platforms our Web and best developers and community activists now provide must have never really tried to explore and play in the space. If they had, they would begin to understand why millions have flocked in droves to sites like Facebook, Twitter, TechCrunch, Pandora, Second Life, why developers are, this very moment, working feverishly to drop new code to build a new community app.

A real, visceral and meaningful understanding of new media and its implications for business will not come from attending another conference or reading another glossy, quirkily titled business book. It will come when senior management and stakeholders jump in, create a few profiles and start or join a conversation- one bent on engaging and participating rather than “leveraging”.


2 Responses to “Joining is Believing”

  1. Amanda, you raise a great point when you say that top level executives need to join and participate in social communities for themselves. It’s truely about the experience in these spaces and not always the content. Too many executives today, on the client and agency side, think its just another “outlet” for their strategically messaged content. If you take part in these social communities yourself, its apparent that traditional messaging is not effective nor does it make any sense.

  2. I think any business that doesn’t take advantage of this new way of doing things they will soon find themselves far behind the competition.

    These online societies are becoming the new way people interact. To run a business properly, you have to know what the people want out of you, and the way to do that is going to be online.

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