Loic Le Meur’s Daily Tweet Posts


I have been reading Loic Le Meur’s blog and noticed that he is including a cool new take on the daily link posts. Instead of giving a list of links for the day, Loic posts a feed of his tweets (Twitter posts) for each day.  His blog is an interesting mix of multimedia and social networking posts and an interesting mashup of his microblog with his main blog. Check it out here.



2 Responses to “Loic Le Meur’s Daily Tweet Posts”

  1. thanks ! glad you liked it !

  2. The service powering Loic’s blog has been extended to provide the same features to anyone with a blog and a twitter account.


    No installation required. It’s still in “beta” as they call it, but works perfectly with TypePad and Vox, the support for wordpress has recently been added.

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