“New Media wonks are jumping on the Clip-to-blog bandwagon”

clipped from www.glitchnyc.com
I’ve been working hard on some new stuff for Clipmarks and admittedly haven’t been paying as much attention as I’d like to the quiet traction that Clip-to-blog is gaining in the New Media space.

Clip-to-blog lets you clip the best parts of a web page and easily post them to your blog, and I’ve always hoped that my new media friends would see it as a great tool for keeping your blog up to date with fresh, relevant content. Recently, the awesome Adam Broitman wrote me for a little help getting clip-to-blog running on a.mediacirc.us, and he’s now clipping up a storm. Podcaster extraordinaire C.C. Chapman has also posted a few clips, and now new-media mavens Julia Patricia Roy and Amanda Mooney are going to town as well.

I’d love to hear from anyone else using Clip-to-blog – how it worked for you, if you liked it, what we can do to improve, etc. One thing that we’re definitely looking at is adding the ability to post to a specific category, what else should we add?

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Pulled from the community evangelist of one of my favorite new sites- Clipmarks. If you aren’t using Clipmarks, you should. The engagement here is awesome and I’ve never seen a team of developers and founders so genuinely involved in and interacting with their community. Aside from that, Clipmarks posts are incredibly searchable in Google. Tag your name in each post and own your search results page.


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