Advertising Isn’t Dead; It’s More Important Than Ever


We have long-hailed the day when media control changed hands and suddenly the consumer was given considerable voice to stand up to many of the biggest conglomerates. Consumers can now say when they want content, how they want content and how much they are willing (or not willing) to pay for it.

Advertising has become an easy target. We once hummed jingles, now we jeer at the thought of a commercial interrupting content. While I completely agree that advertising has to find a smarter way to communicate with consumers, I think this notion that Advertising is a horrible nuance at best and at worst, is totally dead, is way off.

I posted this comment on Julia Roy’s Clipper blog (which is awesome so subscribe, read, comment, follow…):

“So I don’t think it was the best choice to preview what this service [Julia was talking about Heavy’s new services that serves up branded video skins around free online video content] does by showing a huge Rush Hour ad, but I think the concept is smart. The fact is, we are in a media business and if we want free content from media producers, the revenue has to come from somewhere. We’ve seen some of our best media (Business 2.0) for example, in danger of ending because of a serious lag in revenue (low subscription sales that declining advertising now longer makes up for); recently we all witnessed the sale of the WSJ.

If you want your videos and media content for free, you’ve got to deal with a few ads, and if you don’t want these ads interrupting the content, maybe this is a first step.

After working for a Web 2.0 company for a year and seeing the development of the business as well as the online community, I see more than ever that the 30 second spot may soon be dead, but advertising is more important than ever for media- in fact it leads many business plans today. Let’s find a way for advertising to work well for the content producer, the audience and the advertiser.”


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