Filter by Authority Will Soon Be Back on Technorati


technorati_logo1.png I wrote in to Technorati support to ask whether the ability to filter search results by authority will be brought back. Today I got a very nice email back from Janice Myint from Technorati. She told me that they do have this feature slated for a future release.

As a side note, I think that Technorati should publish monthly reports on the top bloggers by beat. I would be very interested to see who, according to Technorati are the top bloggers in marketing, tech, social media…


One Response to “Filter by Authority Will Soon Be Back on Technorati”

  1. Yes, the “power search” features got buried in the last re-design’s “simplification” of the web site. But the capability is still there, until we unbury it I’d suggest you visit

    Sorry about the confusion this caused you!

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