Edelman Leads Summit For Our “Digital Generation”



I am still in Austria enjoying an amazing vacation but jumped on to post a link to what I think was one of the coolest and best documented marketing and new media events of the summer. Check out http://www.edelman.com/summit07/. I continue to be impressed by this agency. Not only do I think that the insights served up here are rich and important, but the manner in which the agency published findings from the summit online and in its PDF doc shows real thought and generosity.

I found out that this content from the summit just hit the Web as a subscriber to http://www.edelman.com/insights/. I would encourage you to subscribe to the feed and be the first to know when Edelman serves up more valuable content like this.

Thanks to the Edelman team for leading this summit and offering it up on the Web. This is definitely worth taking a little time out of my vacation to check out.


One Response to “Edelman Leads Summit For Our “Digital Generation””

  1. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for the props (and the link love!).

    More importantly, I’m glad you found the content valuable. We plan to repeat the academic summit next summer, and have a few more things on the slate betwen now and then. We’ll keep you updated through the feed.



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