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clipped from Everyone has used the smiley face at one point or another, but do you know how its use started?Twenty-five years ago a Carnegie Mellon University professor named Scott E. Fahlman sent a message proposing the use of a colon followed by a hyphen and a parenthesis as a joke marker. It is […]

I posted the following ideas on my Twitter microblog: AmandaMooney I wish Technorati allowed you to export your blog search results into an excel doc that included Blog, website, authority, rank…. about 1 hour ago from web   AmandaMooney Technorati should also offer quick RSS links to the blogs found in a search rather than […]

clipped from   Thanks to Corey and the editors of Online Video Watch for getting the word out about this. Dylan is releasing a series of viral videos that can be passed via email between friends. Check out the O.V.W post here and check this campaign out here.

Image can be found here. clipped from   Bertram Konighofer, an incredible artisit and DJ (Bert Bricht), showed me bit.fall by Julius Popp when we were in Vienna. It was amazing. This piece uses light, water and technology to create a kind of RSS waterfall that shows words from international news feeds. We went […]

I was so excited to see the comments on my recent post … David Brain’s Sixty Second Sound Bites From Edelman’s New Media Academic Summit 2007 that I am giving them center stage here. Many thanks to communications experts and social media mavens Bill Snyder and David Brain for your insight. This kind of rich […]

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  clipped from “It took 35 years for TV to reach 25 million people and earn $1 billion in revenues. It took the internet just three years. We have now reached a point where if you are an old media company and you are not deeply engaged in new media, you are a dead […]

clipped from I was just looking at some of the incoming link to the site and I noticed a few nice posts about the toolbar from around the web. Here is just a sample: “Very smart new tool…although I think “hyperaggregator” is a crazy term, this toolbar lives up to it. Definitely take […]

During my time in Austria, our JMC team spent a weekend in Alpbach to enjoy the mountains of Tirol and the Alpbach Forum. Here is a quick photo to show you how incredible the landscape was. The Alpbach Forum is an annual meeting of some of the most forward-thinking academics, politicians and business leaders from […]