My Comment on the Web 2.0 Toolbar

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I was just looking at some of the incoming link to the site and I noticed a few nice posts about the toolbar from around the web. Here is just a sample:

“Very smart new tool…although I think “hyperaggregator” is a crazy term, this toolbar lives up to it. Definitely take a minute and check it out.

Amandafrom American Shelf Life

“Pound for pound, it’s the best free tool that I’ve found for social bookmarking.

The Social Bookmarking SEO site

  blog it
I noticed this new tool a little while about it and posted about it on my blog. It was really cool this morning to see a ping back from and this shout out to my post. This is a cool new tool and I appreciated the time the Web 2.0 Toolbar team took to find and link to my post. It’s impressive to see more thoughtful and engaged teams like the Clipmarks team who go beyond simply monitoring uber-blogs like TechCrunch and take the time to listen to the entire community discussing their work.

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