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Amy (@amyyen on Twitter) and I decided to bring a little social media flair to our agency’s Halloween party. I was dressed as Clipmarks and Amy as RSS. Amanda Gravel will be dressing as Twitter this year too. Amy and I used our costumes as a fun way to teach attendees about social media… any […]

In a recent VMC episode Andrea Vascellari responds to a comment I made on his blog about “The Evolution of Comments” in which Andrea asks, “The way we communicate on the web is changing. How comments are evolving?” As someone who’s actively engaged on a number of platforms on the Web, I think more and […]

I have met some incredible people this year. But with a full time class schedule and a more-than-full time work schedule, it’s hard to keep up with everyone. RSS saves me. I can add feeds for the people I meet and work with and effortlessly track any new work or news related my people as […]

clipped from NEW COMMUNITY POST: MarketWatch Community Launch Date: October 2007 This month the Wall Street Journal launched a new homepage for MarketWatch that is “100% powered by user-generated content.” It is an interactive hub for posting, reading, sharing and commenting on business and investing news and engaging with other enthusiasts. There’s even a […]

clipped from A Vison Of Students Today – Marketers, Please Pay Attention To This Video In what is turning out to be a regular feature here, Professor Michael Wesch of Kansas State University, Digital Ethnography, and the guy behind the two amazing online videos, The Machine is Us/ing Us, and more recently Information R/evolution […]

Social Media maven, Adam Broitman serves up a great post on the developing relationship between Facebook and Google. Is there love in the air or are these two Internet darlings headed for bitter divorce? Broitman says, “My feeling is that we will begin to see a lot more rivalry between these two companies.” clipped from […]

First, I have to credit social media rock star @Julia Roy for turning my “tweet love” phrase into the “tweet love turned link love” title of this post. In her spare time, when she’s not busy working the Web as a senior agent and community evangelist, Julia masters the art of Clipping the Social Web. […]

clipped from   Social media maven, Andrea Vascellari, has launched a seriously cool new media channel. It officially hit the web on October 15 and a new episode is available for viewing and downloading in an impressive number of formats. Fresh on the heels of Google’s aquisition of Jaiku, Andrea snagged a mega interview […]

  I have become increasingly aware that we’ve become too comfortable pushing well-crafted, one-sided messages at consumers. We say, “BrandX is the leading provider of digital music;” “BrandX is committed to creating sustainable, eco-friendly products;” and “BrandX delivers unmatched quality at an affordable price.” We tell them what the brand stands for rather than giving […]

I found this post while reading Frank Gruber’s Somewhat Frank blog. Frank profiles Naymz, a new online reputation management site. More people search content on the Web related to a person prior to talking, meeting or interviewing him/her so this could be a very useful and quick way to see what Google, one of the […]