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My social media buddy, Julia Roy , recently got me fired up about the power of RSS. She walked me through the process of subscribing to feeds and monitoring key media through her centralized Reader hub.

After spending a lot of time working with RSS and digesting its utility, I had a simple but important realization…

RSS is a valuable tool to stay connected to news and media, but it is an even more valuable tool to stay connected to your network.

Today I subscribed to search and blog search feeds that included my friends, family, colleagues, employers and professional network as tags. Each night I will do a quick search in my reader to see if anyone in my network has been included in an interesting post online. I will use the relevant links I find to touch base with the individuals that have been featured.

Professionals can use RSS to become a killer app(licant) by subscribing to feeds related to their prospective employeers, companies and clients. Interested in working with Julia at Undercurrent? Subscribe to feeds related to “Julia Roy” and “Undercurrent” When your Reader shows that Julia or Undercurrent has just been featured in a cool blog post or news online, be the first to drop Julia an email with a link to the post and a brief note congratulating her on being included in it. You will show that you are actively following and engaged in her and her company’s work rather than only checking out her corporate site when you’re looking for work.

Many thanks to Julia for pushing me to adopt this tool and please post any other uses you find for RSS.

*Update: Bryan Person has an awesome podcast episode about Reader and RSS on his NCR page. Here are Bryan’s and NCR listeners’ tips:

Getting the most out of Google Reader

  1. Reading posts in list view (river of news)
  2. Share posts of interest — including your own — to a public RSS feed
  3. Share posts via e-mail with your colleagues
  4. Star important posts and those that you want to come back to later
  5. Give posts meaningful tags or labels
  6. Add meaningful feeds in addition to blogs — keyword searches from Technorati or Google Blog search, Flickr photo streams, Google Reader shared feeds, etc.
  7. Take advantage of Google Reader’s shortcut keys
  8. Use the Google Trends feature to better manage your feeds

Thanks to everyone who added their Google Reader tips and tricks via the New Comm Road Travelers group in Facebook:

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3 Responses to “RSS Creates the Killer App(licant)”

  1. Yeah, I’m relatively new to RSS feeds myself. But once you get the hang of them, you wonder how you ever made it without them. (#):) Nice site, hope to see you around sometime!

  2. Although it isn’t used this way now, RSS could be used to help solve Social Media Fatigue Syndrome. SMFS is what happens when you get tired of adding all your profile info over and over again to all the soc-nets you join, and worse having to find and add all your friends again.
    There’s a movement afoot to make your ID, your profile info and now your social graph (ie, your network of friends) info, too, all collected together in one site that’s controlled by YOU, not any particular social media site. Then, other sites, like Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, would subscribe to that information feed using RSS. Then, when you change something about your profile or friends network, all your go-to sites would see that change through your identity site’s RSS feed.

  3. Google Reader also has a great Share feature. When you find posts you want to share, you add them to your share page. No big deal in and of itself, but from there, you have an RSS feed of everything you are sharing. People can subscribe to it. You can add it to your blog as a widget. You can have it automatically send out a tweet when you add something, and anyone following you will receive a link to the post via Twitter. It’s kind of a RSS feed of RSS feeds.

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