Motley Bird- One of the Coolest Consumer Goods Sites on the Web



New energy drink Motley Bird has one of the best and most engaging site designs for a new consumer goods product I’ve seen in a while. I first discovered Motley Bird while in Austria at the Pop Music Support Awards.

Tonight, while Twittering, I noticed that Duncan Riley made a fun post about Red Bull. I sent him a tweet with a link to the company’s site and discovered for myself how awesome it is. Upon entering the site, copy appears that says, “Welcome to the Playground.” With the ability to share viral animated videos with friends, download urban art inspired screensavers and desktop images, play games… this site clearly has cornered the market on stickiness. Motley Bird is described as a “boutique energy drink” and its modern design and copy completely reflects that position. Check it out at and drop a comment with your favorite consumer goods website.




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Please note: Motley Bird is not a client of mine… although with such a cool site and product, I wish it was:)


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