It Takes A Community


I want to take the space of this post tonight to send my sincerest thanks and appreciation to the incredible community I’ve met and connected with over the past year. I am an undergraduate student in marketing communications and believe nothing has been more important and meaningful during my studies than the past year I’ve spent being introduced to the Web and its evangelists. You social media mavens, daring digerati: you are my best professors and it is important to me that I share why I started working (and living) on the Web and what your engagement has meant.

About one year ago, I was invited to work with the team at My first day on the job, my boss gave me some time to read posts made on the Ziggs company blog. The first thing I read was a post that linked to Tim O’Reilly’s definition and outline of Web 2.0. Before that day, I had heard the term in passing but never fully digested its meaning or implications. Fortunately, was in the throws of developing and launching its 2.0 hub so I got to experience the dynamics of Web 2.0 first hand. Over the course of the year I worked with one of the most talented and passionate teams. They invited me to sit in on planning meetings, test development sites and work with the VP of marketing to communicate its offering to a community that would appreciate it.

In the course of that year, I got so fired up about what was happening on the Web that I tried to read every book, listen to every podcast, go to as many events and meet as many people in the space that I could. I spent my days in class and work and my nights trying to digest everything I was learning.

This summer I was invited to join the teams at three communications agencies and a Web 2.0 incubator to work on social media outreach; I launched my blog; I joined as many networks as I could handle; I stepped out onto the Web in a big (and scary) way.

What I found on the Web was a community that encouraged and supported me in a way I never expected. I found friendships that I really value. I found a community that is comprised of some of the brightest and successful innovators who still take the time to listen and engage with young students like myself. I never understood the power of this until I stopped reading about it in my text books and just jumped in– joining this revolution is the only way to understand what this feels like, how powerful it is and will be.

I want everyone I’ve met and will meet online (and off) to know how much I appreciate the time you’ve taken to connect. It drives my studies in school and my excitement for entering the profession that I’ve chosen. Your comments, emails, tweets…. completely make my day.

As Chris Penn says, “Social networks aren’t applications; social networks are people.” Simple, human generosity and shared interest is driving this revolution. I’ve noticed and will not soon forget the generosity you’ve taken the time to show me.


2 Responses to “It Takes A Community”

  1. We’re very fortunate to have such a friendly and close-knit group of media makers, social networkers, bloggers, vloggers and just plain brilliant people here in the Boston area.

    We’re really gonna rock it at PodCamp Boston!!

    Looking forward to meeting you there!

    Joe C.

  2. I look forward to your continued success and sharing what you’ve learned!

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