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Over the past few years, communications professionals have flocked to the Web to better understand the interests and media important to Millennials. While sites like MySpace and Facebook garner a lot of our attention, niche social networks and online media provide rich insight into a wide array of demographics. Mommies have begun to form an important and quickly growing community online. Do asimple Technorati blog search for “mom” and you’ll find over 18,000 mommy blogs. According to USA Today, these mommies spend over $1.7 trillion a year and now comprise about 52% of the online population. Here are a few recently launched sites that will help you explore these mommy communities and understand why they are as important for you to follow as their Millennial offspring:
Cafe Mom
The Mommy Blog
Urban Mamas
Urban Baby
Daily Candy Kids
Healthy Habits Healthy Kids
Post a comment below with links to your favorite mommy and parenting sites on the Web.

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