Spread Some Tweet Love


I am officially inventing a new social media phrase: Tweet Love

Bloggers share link love, defined by Blogossary.com as “posting a link to sites or blogs, usually unsolicited, that you enjoy, admire, or find useful.”  For example, I might share some link love with my social media buddies, Julia Roy and Amanda Gravel.

On Twitter, microbloggers now use @ posts to link to Twitterers’ posts and feeds in the same manner. Check out how Bryan Person of Bryper.com and the must-download New Comm Road podcast shares some tweet love…


Showing generosity by linking others to members of the blogging and microblogging community that are leading cool work and dialog on the Web is one of the best ways to jump in and join the conversation.

You can check out Bryan’s Twitter blog at twitter.com/bryper and you can connect with me, Julia Roy and Amanda Gravel  on the site at twitter.com/amandamooney twitter.com/juliaroy and twitter.com/amandagravel

I’d love to hear from you: who are the cool Twitterers you are following? Post a link to his/her page in the comment space so we can check them out.


9 Responses to “Spread Some Tweet Love”

  1. Some of the best “tweet love” spreaders are also my favorite people – the vlogging community, especially Bill Cammack, are great at helping point people to eachother’s stuff.

  2. Following http://twitter.com/BillCammack. How’s that for Link Love turn Tweet Love.

  3. heh. Thanks for the shout-out, Eric! :D

  4. @ glitchnyc, juliaroy and BillCammack thank you for commenting:) Bill, I’m heading over to Twitter now to follow you (Julia, I love “Link Love Turn Tweet Love”)

  5. Love the phrase…tweet love! Following http://twitter.com/Clintus he does it digital.

  6. Twitter for President!!!

  7. Thanks for the mention, Amanda. Twitter is all about sharing what we’re doing, thinking, and reading. Happy to spread the Tweet love over and over again when I see posts/sites/images that I think my followers would want to see, too.

  1. 1 Tweet Love Turned Link Love «

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