Waiting for “Wait Less” Ads to End


I think the concept behind the new Sprint microsite Waitless.org is smart. It features time saving tips as a way to indirectly promote its new Sprintcuts program. My only problem with the campaign is that ads promoting ran several times while I was watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy on ABC.com. So I sat through several Waitless ads… waiting to get back to the show. It gave me the opposite brand experience than the one it was promoting.

To really take this Wait Less campaign to the next level, it would have made more sense for Sprint to sponsor the episode, include a quick link to the microsite and copy reading something like “This episode is brought to you commercial free from Sprint. Fast-forward through the boring parts and after the show, check out more time-saving tips at http://www.waitless.org” on the top of the player.


I appreciate the fact that it is advertisers like Sprint that pay media providers to serve up my favorite content for free, on demand; but when you’ve smartly created a campaign like this, the advertising around the campaign should reflect the same values in your messaging.


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