You Are What You Google: A cool new site profiled on Somewhat Frank


I found this post while reading Frank Gruber’s Somewhat Frank blog. Frank profiles Naymz, a new online reputation management site. More people search content on the Web related to a person prior to talking, meeting or interviewing him/her so this could be a very useful and quick way to see what Google, one of the most important personal and professional references, is saying about you.

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NaymzNaymz, a web profile aggregator that I highlighted previously, offers
some interesting reputation metrics services. While you could setup web
alerts via a number of services Naymz aggregates these services into
one dashboard.
All Naymz members have access to “Reputation Monitor,” which can be found under the reports section. The “Reputation Monitor” is simply a feed of recent web content (blog posts, news, social network profiles) that contain your first and last name. It helps users keep an eye on their online reputation all in one place.

Naymz reputation monitor

Additionally, Naymz offers premium services which give users access to even more metrics and visitor tracking data as well as offers users first page placement of your Naymz profile via sponsored advertisement links on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Finally, Naymz provides premium plus services which helps users manage and control their online reputations through positive search engine optimization efforts.

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