Tweet Love Turned Link Love


First, I have to credit social media rock star @Julia Roy for turning my “tweet love” phrase into the “tweet love turned link love” title of this post. In her spare time, when she’s not busy working the Web as a senior agent and community evangelist, Julia masters the art of Clipping the Social Web.

Here are a few interesting links I found on my Twitter feed that I enjoyed reading. Check out the links and the Twitters who served them up for the community to discover.

1. @vascellari Mashable post, “New App Merges Facebook and Second Life” (Check out Andrea Vascellari’s blog here)

2. @ChrisBrogan Digg page for “100 PodCamp Topics for You to Cover

3. @mathewi Mathew’s take aways from SF Chronicle article “Blogs Can Be Buisness

4. @pistachio Laura Fitton’s Seesmic post featuring video from Boston Startup Weekend. By the way, check out @loiclemeur and his blog. Loic is one of the founders of much-anticipated Seesmic.

5. @briansolis Very interesting post on “You Say Web 3.0, I say Semantic Web

6. Ok, I didn’t find this on Twitter, but one of my Twitter friends, @missusp of PerkettPR is helping to bring TechCrunch to Boston! PerketPR’s blog can be found here.

Did you find a cool article in your Twitter feed recently? Drop a comment and post a link.


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