Decentralized Dialog and “The Evolution of Comments”


In a recent VMC episode Andrea Vascellari responds to a comment I made on his blog about “The Evolution of Comments” in which Andrea asks, “The way we communicate on the web is changing. How comments are evolving?”

As someone who’s actively engaged on a number of platforms on the Web, I think more and more about this topic.

I responed to Andrea’s video by writing “We talk about the Web as a community platform but we’ve decentralized dialog across so many little niche platforms that it’s hard to keep up; it’s hard to decide which version of the dialog to join. Do I comment on Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook, my blog, your blog…

coComment and RSS helps but there will be an increasing need for the aggregation of communities and comments. I think we’ll start to see more of a demand for the development of meta-community sites.”

Today, I would also argue, our communities repeat themselves on many of these platforms; the friends I have on Facebook, for example, make up a large percentage of the friends I have on Twitter and are often the bloggers whom I follow the closest. So we either repeat ourselves when we respond to the ideas and thoughts of our friends across these platforms, or we must decide which platform makes the most sense to fuel the dialog.

… And as I blog here, I’m illustrating this point again. I responded to Andrea on his VMC page but am essentially repeating my thoughts here because I’d like to see what American Shelf Life readers think about this topic. Any thoughts? Feel free to leave them here or on Andrea’s original post, Twitter page, Jaiku page, Facebook...


2 Responses to “Decentralized Dialog and “The Evolution of Comments””

  1. Amanda,

    Thank you for joining the conversation. What you said it’s true.

    At this point it would be nice to have some sort of new application based on a set of standards that allows us to manage the conversation in a much larger and easier way.


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