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I was trying to build a playlist for a dinner party in a rush and thought that it would be great if I could tag my albums as a import or download them from iTunes. Each song could be given tags and I could easily rearrange my my music and create custom playlists in a […]

I have been seeing several bloggers purchase Facebook Flyer Ads in recent days and am intrigued to see this new group of media buyers purchasing affordable ad space to promote a personally-managed site. By breaking down broadcast media into cost-per-pageview and niche, a la carte community reach, publishers like Facebook and Google can charge incremental, […]

I’ve been following the recent launch and buzz about Amazon’s new e-book reader, Kindle. As the fall semester wraps up, I and my college classmates will begin heading to Amazon to comparison shop our way to finding the most affordable version of our required readings for the spring. What I would love is if I […]

I discovered one of the best night spots in the city last night and was so impressed I have to share it with you. The Beehive in Boston’s South End is a hip new downtown hangout that serves up cold drinks and hot dinner and jazz seven nights a week until 2am. What’s cool about […]

I would like to see more brands use Digg and similar platforms in the R+D process. Invite consumers to engage the brand and its developers to see what product attributes might or might not attract them and fill their needs and wants. Seesmic allows any user to submit a feature request and gives other Seesmic […]

Last March, NYU journalism professor, Jay Rosen and his students analyzed “The State of Blogging at America’s Top 100 Biggest Newspapers.” You can see their findings as well as links and data on top newspaper-run blogs here. I thought I would follow up with this and see how many of the top 10 papers currently […]

Every morning I read through the releases that have hit PR Newire and Business Wire before I read through news sites and blogs. I like to get a sense of news at it hits the Web, what stories grab my attention and then track the conversation about the new product, service or company news to […]

Congratulations to the Edelman team on the official launch of its new social responsibility, “goodpurpose” practice and community platform. The agency describes goodpurpose as an opportunity to engage in “mutual social responsibility for mutual benefit.” As part of this new initiative, Edelman conducted a large-scale global study which resulted in the following key findings: 1) […]

@scottmonty and @jeffpulver fueled an interesting brainstorming/micro-ideation session on Twitter about “Twitter Takeout.” I describe it here in my Seesmic video. Essentially, Scott, Jeff and the Twitter crowd talked about how great it would be to have the capability to order takeout via SMS and Twitter. Brands are already playing with SMS and mobile web-based […]