My Latest Launch PR Post: Lil’Grams Launches First Micro-Baby-Blog

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Seasoned entrepreneur Greg Narian’s latest startup, Lil’Grams, is sure to be the subject of much buzz. Tapping into the capabilities of Web communications tools and popular microblogging platform Twitter, Lil’Grams will allow busy new and expecting parents to easily send quick Shutterstock_1284725_3messages to friends and family, documenting the birth and growth of their children. A mother or father can log in to Lil’Grams, post news about the baby and have it immediately (and privately) sent to family and friends’ direct message inbox on Twitter or email.

The muse for Greg’s micro-baby-blog platform is his own son, Aiden. Greg says, “Most every new parent gets
frequent calls when the baby is born asking for an update.
As busy parents, it’s often hard to find the time to collect those memories and send them to everyone. With Lil’Grams, we take care of sending out all the notifications automatically.”

Lil’Grams releases its alpha platform today and will release its full platform by December 2007.
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