“Hollywood Writers Strike: A Chance for Millions Online to Bloom”

clipped from www.techcrunch.com


The strike poses an interesting challenge for television at a time where internet usage has surpassed TV viewing time in most homes. Users are already choosing online entertainment over TV, how many more will switch off their televisions when their favorite shows stop going to air? These eyeballs present a real opportunity for online content creators at all levels; from the VC funded video startups through to the DIY part timers. The trends in viewer numbers have all been headed online to this point, this strike could well accelerate this trend, particularly if it lasts over the long term. It will be a chance for millions online to bloom.*

*apologies to Mao.

Image Credit: LA Times

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This morning as I watched the news and learned that the strike would take place, I thought about this as an opportunity for online content producers. So it was great to see that Duncan Riley and the team at TechCrunch were already busy writing a post on exactly that story. As a media junkie, I like my rounded mix of traditional and non traditional channels but this strike just may (at least for now), encourage me to completely rely on online media for my daily dose of news, commentary and entertainment.

For online content providers, this lucky break gives them an opportunity to serve up fresh content while major networks are forced to turn out reruns. This experience will illustrate how timely and nimble these new producers are.

In any event, I do wish the best for the talented men and women who turn out my favorite content for the networks.

How much do you follow traditional vs. online media and in wake of the strike, do you think your own media habits will change?


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