Congratulations to the Clipmarks Team!



Congratulations to the team at Clipmarks on the company’s recent aquisition by Forbes. It comes as no surprise that this media giant would be interested in what I find to be one of the most engaging and well-run bookmarking communities on the Web. Congratulations to Forbes on recognizing its value.

I joined Clipmarks this summer. I was impressed by the ease of “clipping” and saving my favorite parts of online content. But I was really blown away when I began to see my little clips being “popped” and commented on by the Clipmarks community and its founders. When you’re new to an online community and are just beginning to build up a presence, it feels a bit like being the new kid in school. You wonder, will I make friends here, does anyone care what I have to say…? I started seeing that every member of the Clipmarks team had engaged with me and my content in some way. They didn’t just view my clips, they took the time to write really thoughtful comments and add to the discussion I’d initiated. They even personally responded to my email when I wanted to suggest a new feature, comment on an aspect of the site or just say hi and introduce myself. Although I’m a fan of sites like and Digg, I’ve never had the kind of engagement I find in the Clipmarks community.


I’ve yet to meet most of the Clipmarks guys offline, but had the opportunity to meet Eric Skiff, Clipmarks’s community evangelist, at PodCamp Boston. Skiff hung out with me and other Clippers and, on top of being a really cool guy, he knew about our interests and background because he’d been genuinely following us and our interaction.

When the Forbes deal was official, I heard from Skiff and Clipmarks founder, Eric Goldstein, who took the time to note that this opportunity will not come at the expense of the community; it, instead, will provide the means to fully develop the Clipmarks experience and functionality. Send these guys a much-deserved note of congratulations and if you’re not already on Clipmarks, check it out and experience what I’m talking about.

**Thank you to Jeff O’Hara (@Zemote) for taking the photo of Skiff and me at Podcamp Boston. Check out Jeff’s blog at He has a great post up right now that previews his first experience with Seesmic.


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