New Practice Launched with a “goodpurpose” at its Core



Congratulations to the Edelman team on the official launch of its new social responsibility, “goodpurpose” practice and community platform. The agency describes goodpurpose as an opportunity to engage in “mutual social responsibility for mutual benefit.” As part of this new initiative, Edelman conducted a large-scale global study which resulted in the following key findings:

1) Consumers are more involved than ever in social action

2) Consumers prefer brands that help make a difference

3) Consumers are ready to engage with brands in Mutual Social Responsibility

4) Brands have an opportunity to reach consumers through social purpose

5) Word of mouth is the most credible source of information about brands that support good causes

Edelman says brands have an important opportunity to create valuable ROI (“Return on Involvement) and to really show its consumers what values its company embraces and actively supports. In fact, its study found that “Over 55% of consumers say they would help a brand promote a product or service if there was a good cause behind it.”

The agency has partnered with GOOD Magazine on this. The partnership makes total sense; Using its social involvement to cut through the clutter of an increasingly crowded newsstand, GOOD has positioned itself as “as a magazine for people who give a damn and an entertaining magazine about things that matter.”

I look forward to seeing how Edelman, its clients and GOOD Magazine drive this new practice and create a precedent for others to join. You can view to find additional information and a full webcast featuring Richard Edelman (CEO, Edelman),
Mitch Markson (President, Consumer Brands and Global Creative Director, Edelman) and Laurence Evans (President, StrategyOne).


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