PR Newswire Integrates Helpful Technorati Tool…But There’s a Bug



Every morning I read through the releases that have hit PR Newire and Business Wire before I read through news sites and blogs. I like to get a sense of news at it hits the Web, what stories grab my attention and then track the conversation about the new product, service or company news to see how and where it’s picked up.

An easy and helpful tool I found this morning is the quick link PR Newswire provides at the end of every release that tracks back to Technorati and shows what blogs, news stories and other online content ping the release.

The only issue is that results will only appear on Technorati if a blogger writes about the story using the exact phrase in the title of the release.

Example: I came across a great release about CBS creating a huge, free Wifi hotzone in Midtown, NY. I was sure at least some bloggers would pick this up. However, here’s what results after clicking on the “blogs that discuss this news release” feature… “No results for ‘CBS Lights Up Midtown with Free Wireless Internet Access”

A blogger may be buzzing about this news but unless the blogger writes “CBS Lights Up Midtown Manhattan With Free Wireless Internet Access,” his or her post will not be picked up in this trackback of the discussion.

So, I changed my search terms and found that about 13 bloggers (one with an authority over 1,200) had already picked up and written about the news.

This is an awesome service that I will definitely use when the bug is resolved. For now, I’d suggest manually tracking discussion around your company or product’s news by entering relevant but inclusive search terms and phrases.


5 Responses to “PR Newswire Integrates Helpful Technorati Tool…But There’s a Bug”

  1. This is a definite bug. Keep tracking this, Amanda, and do let me know if you notice that it gets fixed. :)

  2. Amanda, thanks for your interest in PR Newswire’s Technorati tool. What you are referring to was actually an intentional decision and not a bug.

    Let me try and explain why…

    The real beauty behind this tool is that it is automated. By pressing the button, a user will automatically receive all blog results that match the press release headline. When creating this automated functionality, we opted to create a tool that would provide results based upon the precise headline of the release because we felt it would bring back much more relevant results than if each of the words in the headline were used as individual keywords. The tool was meant to draw people to the conversation resulting from the release itself, and not conversations on broad topics in general.

    We actually decided to use a different approach when implementing our Google Blog Search button to afford people the opportunity for broader results. So if you use the Google Blog Search button you will see that the terms in the headline are all keywords and not one search term. This gives you very different results, and some times the results are not relevant to the release at all.

    Again, I appreciate your feedback as we are looking to continually develop these tools in the most helpful way possible.


    Sandra Azzollini
    Director, Online News
    PR Newswire

  3. Hi Sandra,
    Thank you for such thoughtful feedback. I understand and appreciate the intention behind this decision to link the news release back to posts that specifically site the title of the original release.

    The problem I see, however, is that bloggers do look at PR Newswire for story ideas and create posts as a result; but, I don’t know many (if any) bloggers that would specifically cite the exact title of most news releases. I’ve clicked on the Technorati link for several recent releases and have found none that returned results in Technorati; a simple search in Technorati, however, showed that conversation had in fact been buzzing about the news.

    Great to know that you have broadened the scope of this service with your approach to finding relevant posts in Google Blog Search. It is really helpful and returns comprehensive results.

    I think this service as a whole is an awesome idea and if the Technorati search service was approached in the same manner as Google Blog Search, I would find this very helpful and meaningful to my work.

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