This would encourage me to convert to Kindle


I’ve been following the recent launch and buzz about Amazon’s new e-book reader, Kindle.

As the fall semester wraps up, I and my college classmates will begin heading to Amazon to comparison shop our way to finding the most affordable version of our required readings for the spring. What I would love is if I could order Amazon’s Kindle, download the electronic version of my books and spend the next semester carrying around this cool device instead of a stack of heavy hardcovers. Amazon could offer either the device or the e-books at a discounted rate for students during this textbook-buying season and get me and my college friends to try it out and spread the buzz around campus.

I would also love to see the capability to use a stylus and make notes in my e-books’ text. Whenever I’d chose to reread a section, I’d see my notes alongside the text. Even better, allow me to download the e-book with my notes made on my Kindle to a word doc on my desktop.


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