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I originally wrote this post for the i5invest (employer) blog but thought I would share it here as well. Enjoy:) Britain’s Queen Elizabeth has joined the digital revolution, launching her own branded channel on YouTube. At 81, the queen recognizes that the Web is an increasingly influential space to connect with her global following. With […]

I am in the process of planning my move from Boston to New York and have turned to Craigslist to locate rooms for rent. This service would be even more valuable if it integrated social networking capabilities so users like myself could easily screen potential rooms and roommates by viewing a Flickr photostream of apartments, […]

TechCrunch recently reported that Google now offers a translation service in GTalk. As I was reading this TechCrunch post about Google’s new translation service, I thought about my Skype account. Nearly 90% of my network on Skype is based internationally. So many people, like myself, seem to be using the Skype platform as an affordable […]

I had a quick thought: What if Starbucks used the space on its holiday coffee sleeves to fully extend the message of its “Pass the Cheer” campaign by promoting donation to charitable causes? Starbucks could include a short description of each cause, its logo and Web address to encourage donation this holiday season. Perhaps each […]

This morning, I was sitting in class doing some last minute studying for a final when I noticed somthing strange: editors of my Consumer Behavior textbook had cited Wikipedia in the first footnote on a section describing the European Union. Right in footnote #1 of chapter 14; not even the always less-substantial chapter 1 introduction. Wait a minutue… […]

Yesterday I was out shopping. I went to a store most young professionals frequent because it offers well-tailored looking clothes for a still somewhat affordable price. I was waiting in line at the register when I heard the sales associate tell the woman in front of me, “Ok Ms. [insert name I’ve forgotten here], that’ll […]

I’ve been increasingly taken by the music featured in commercials. I once discovered must-download tracks from movies; now I see a great ad, Google the song and head straight to iTunes to purchase it. Every time I listen to these songs, I remember the commercial; when the ad comes on TV, my friends and I […]

Steve Rubel’s recent Advertising Age article got me really thinking about the future of search. Steve discusses how major search engines index such an overwhelming amount of information, that “content is becoming a commodity.” Niche social search sites like Mahaolo, Steve says, will challenge their biggest competitors by providing information that is particularly relevant to […]

“Nokia Predicts 25% of Entertainment by 2012 Will be Created and Consumed Within Peer Communities” “Cyber Monday Spending Propels Holiday E-Commerce to Strong Week of More than $4 Billion in Sales”  

I was in touch with Guy Kawasaki last weekend. He had seen my Google People Reader post and asked me to check out Truemors. I see the potential here. If Truemors was organized in the manner of a newswire service with a more refined interface and method of submitting and posting rumored news items, its […]