Adam Broitman Asks the Tough Questions About Big Media



Adam Broitman serves up a very thought-provoking post her on his A Media Circus blog about media ownership and asked me for my thoughts.

Adam asks, “who does the media serve… who should it serve?”

Adam really covers all of the bases in his discussion of media law and ownership. This post really got me thinking about audience ownership.

As a Web and remote enabled audience makes broadcast a relic of this industry’s past, media companies buy up niche networks in an effort to reach a lot of people through its decentralized channels. As its audience, we have a stake in and responsibility to ensure that the best parts of a conglomerate’s media portfolio remains viable.

Specifically, I thought about the end of Time Inc.’s Business 2.0 closing this year. The magazine had a very committed readership but because ad support, reader subscriptions and newsstand purchases had dwindled so much, its revenue model was no longer sustainable and the magazine was forced to close.

While I feel strongly that media should serve its readership first by making sure they are afforded the best content (true, relevant, thorough, representing a wide range of viewpoints and a diversity of coverage), we must, as its audience, remember that we play a huge role in making good content viable for its producer. If we want our content for free, we must not be opposed to viewing a few ads; if we want to skip the ads, increase your personal support by paying for a subscription or, specifically for print, buying it at the newsstand. As our media evolves, we must help provide the ROI for the producer to uphold the integrity and longevity of its content.

I believe this partnership between media producers, sponsors and readers is more important than ever as our media consumption behavior continues to evolve.

What do you think? Join the discussion brewing on Adam’s post.

Adam is Director of Emerging and Creative Strategy for Morpheus Media. Image pulled from iMedia Connection.


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