Collaboration and Subjectivity in Search


Steve Rubel’s recent Advertising Age article got me really thinking about the future of search. Steve discusses how major search engines index such an overwhelming amount of information, that “content is becoming a commodity.” Niche social search sites like Mahaolo, Steve says, will challenge their biggest competitors by providing information that is particularly relevant to its community of users instead of serving up every possible digital artifact that was ever published and tagged on the Web.

This article made me think: will niche search eventually have the same affect on huge companies like Google that niche media has had on broadcast TV, radio and print? Google seems to be developing the same sort of model major media companies struggle with today. Google serves up my feed of information by way of a system rooted in algorithm-driven objectivity; the rise of niche search sites will encourage the popularization of social subjectivity in information streams. See what Lijit is also working on in the space.

Steve’s article also left me with the takeaway: if “content is becoming a commodity,” collaboration is king.

Playing around with these thoughts. Would love to hear yours.


One Response to “Collaboration and Subjectivity in Search”

  1. “Collaboration is king” is, in a sense a contradiction but I love the notion.

    People say content is king, the consumer is king and various other elements are king, but we live in a democracy, why does everyone love kings so much :)

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