New Lounge for Chic Geeks


 Eyecandy, a new lounge and bar for chic, Las Vegas-bound geeks is so cool. Here is Geek Sugar‘s description of the new hot spot and a video tour of the lounge.


“Opened in October 2007, Eyecandy features interactive touch tables that allow guests to create visuals and messages as well as project images onto screens above the dance floor. These tables also include stationary and motorized cameras to check out the action elsewhere in the lounge and bar area. And if you have a favorite song you want to hear, just plug your iPod into a sound station so the DJ can mix your tunes into the song line-up. This bar puts Twentyfour in London to shame, as Eyecandy’s high-tech nightclub experience also boasts a fiber-optic channel running through the bar for a shimmering light effect as well as a LED tiled dance floor—allowing dancers to change images and graphics!”


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