Conlin Says a “Youthquake” is Coming



I recently had the pleasure of speaking with BusinessWeek’s Michelle Conlin to share some of my thoughts on the election and the economic issues that create challenge and opportunity for myself and my Millennial peers.

Michelle, along with contributors Jessica Silver-Greenberg, Paula Lehman, Eamon Javers and Lindsey Gerdes, profiles the outlook of our generation and says, “The so-called echo baby boom has size on its side: nearly 43 million people aged 18 to 29… or 20% of registered voters. That and this group’s hyperconnectedness (all those Facebook friends and MySpace pages) have convinced many pundits and economists that something seismic could be coming.”

Conlin and contributers say we’ve had a “”schizophrenic coming of age” and we’re leading a “youthquake” that will radically reassess the political, job and healthcare model in the US, mobilized by the technology we, as digital natives, have grown up with.

It’s a very interesting read and astutely captured, at least in my opinion, the growing sentiment of our generation. You can read the article here. If you’ve not already subscribed to the BW Cover Stories podcast, I highly recommend checking it out as well.


One Response to “Conlin Says a “Youthquake” is Coming”

  1. A wonderful article! I agree that something of a ‘quake’ is beginning to swell, as we see a number of grassroots efforts in various aspects of the US economy having an impact, from the writer’s strike to how ‘green’ has become a ‘buzz word’ and advocacy issue, as well as my generation having a voice through the Internet. I wonder, as well, how this is occurring around the world, not just in the US, and the impact of that on overall economic policies. I think this ‘youthquake’ is very much occurring worldwide, as we see the power of the Internet; we all see what exists outside our immediate town, and we want to be a part of it.

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