Jonny Bentwood Serves Up a 360 Degree View of Social Media Influence



I very much enjoyed reading a new white paper from Edelman and Technobabble 2.0’s Jonny Bentwood. Jonny worked with an impressive group of industry analysts and leaders in business, media, interactive, measurement and academia to build a 360 degree approach to measuring influence on the Web.

Jonny says, “The catalyst behind this document was the publication of Edelman’s Social Media Index in July 2007 with David Brain. This attempted to propose a new way of calculating an individuals online influence beyond the ‘traditional’ method of analyzing a blog’s inbound links to incorporate other social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook.

The white paper aims to address this issue. It is not written as a fait accompli but rather as a contribution to the conversation. In the true spirit of social media, the roundtable and consequently this white paper, discussed far more than the original question regarding how to measure online influence but also focused on:

  • defining influence in the context of social media
  • is influence what we should measure?
  • should marketers target influencers or the easily influenced?
  • what can we be selling that is better to buy than impressions?
  • what are the origins of influence?
  • the move to micro communications
  • being cautious – things to be aware of when analysing influence
  • a formula to understand influence
  • what makes this actionable?
  • what next?”

He sourced insight from notables like: Jeff Jarvis, Steve Rubel, Keith O’Brien, Henry Copeland, Peter Kim, Charlene Li, David Dunne, Max Kalehoff, Advertising Research Foundation, Sarah Petersen, Richard Edelman, Rick Murray and Dr. Walter Carl.

This is a really thoughtful and actionable study for everyone working in an increasingly decentralized space. It’s served up here for download.

Initiatives like this make me really excited to have the opportunity to join and learn from Jonny, Steve, David, Sarah, Richard and Rick at Edelman after my graduation from Emerson this spring


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