Edelman Trust and Leadership as a Top A-List Agency


Last week when I visited the Edelman Web site, I saw two exciting new developments. Edelman has just released the key findings from its 2008 Trust Barometer and has been honored in an Advertising age report of agency “A-Listers.”


The Edelman Trust Barometer is an annual study conducted by StrategyOne that gauges global opinion leaders’ trust in business, government and NGOs. Richard Edelman relays the key findings here. Here were two findings Richard describes that really caught my attention:

“Corporate communications must incorporate social media: As you might expect, social media matters most to the 25 to 34 age group. For instance, Wikipedia is listed as the #2 most credible source of information about companies in the US, after business magazines. Google—which aggregates news – is cited as one of only three global media sources listed in every market we survey. The other two are CNN and BBC. Also, use of social media for company information is generally highest in BRIC countries.”

“Engage the info-ential generation to build a beachhead: The 25-to-34 year old group is more trusting of business, less xenophobic and more reliant on multiple sources of information than their older counterparts.”

The full report will be released on February 11.

As I look forward to joining Edelman after my graduation in May, I was thrilled to see Advertising Age recognize the agency as one of the top 10 A-List agencies of the year and Richard Edelman as the Agency Executive of the Year. You can check out Ad Age’s report and interview with Richard here.

Images pulled from Edelman.com


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