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My mom is the most beautiful person I know; she is my best friend, biggest support and the center of my family. Two years ago this May, my mom told our family that she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I spent that summer going to treatments and surgeries with her, helping her shave her […]

I thought this was a stunning and appropriate ad to run during the Academy Awards on Sunday. The music in the ad is Opus 28 from a really fantastic artist, Dustin O’Halloran. Enjoy;) What was your favorite spot that ran during the Oscars?

This month at BRITE I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Jim Thompson, editor of BRITE media sponsor, brandchannel. brandchannel was launched in 2001 by Interbrand in an effort to create “the world’s only online exchange about branding.” I was interested to hear why brandchannel chose to sponsor BRITE and Jim’s takeaways from […]

Microsites are a good landing page for a new campaign, but… consider this: My gen Y counterparts are on so many networks these days. It seems odd to say to us that… 1. You’d like us to engage with your brand 2. We have to come to your site to do so (why not come […]

BRITE Takeaways


I had a fantastic time at BRITE this year. As a student still finishing my undergraduate studies in marketing communications, it was an incredible experience to spend the past two days with CMOs and thought leaders in the industry. Many thanks to Francois for inviting me to blog the conference with Max Kalehoff, David Berkowitz, […]

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m blogging the BRITE Conference today. Throughout the day, I’ll be live microblogging my notes on Twitter and hope to capture some photos for the BRITE Flickr page and uploading video to YouTube with my new Flip Video. I’ll summarize my notes and thoughts in a post here. […]

In the spirit of Twitter, I’ll keep this short: I would love to be able to import my RSS subscriptions into a microblogging platform like Twitter and receive short 140 character updates on the sites, news and search terms I’m following alongside the tweets from the community I follow. Images taken from here and here.

Recently, Facebook was slammed for its implementation of Beacon and Social Ads. Many found the practice of tracking Facebook friends’ interaction with commerical Facebook pages, apps or company Web and e-commerce sites invasive and creepy. Many wondered how the user benefited from a commerical entity using its image and social presence to push products. I […]

This Super Bowl, I’d love to see an advertiser donate the money it would spend on the expensive media buy to a worthy cause. The advertiser could reach out to journalists covering Super Bowl advertisement news, purchase a short pre-super bowl spot or advertise on the Web on its own site or a site like […]

This weekend, I was reading the latest issue of BusinessWeek and noticed that BW has started including a small “Links” section. Next to a review of MacBook Air, BW had a Links section that recommended readers check out an interesting Ad Age article that profiles the personality of Mac users. Bloggers characteristically link readers to […]