This Could Be Next: iTunes Listening Lounge



I was thinking about the time when record stores used to host listening parties on the night a new album hit store shelves. I would love to see iTunes create a virtual listening party in iTunes. Apple could livestream the artist on the night of his or her album’s release and invite Web users to chat and preview new tracks and videos directly with the artist. Select iTunes customers could win a front row seat, using iChat to chat with the artist in a prominent area of the screen.

iTunes could charge users $0.99 (or the price of a single track) to access the Listening Lounge. The access fee would include a credit for a free download from the artist’s latest album. Any thoughts?

Images used in my quick mock-up taken from Apple, iTunes, Justin.Tv, Campus Computer Store MacBlog and ReidNews.


3 Responses to “This Could Be Next: iTunes Listening Lounge”

  1. I think this would be a great Idea. I would love to see them do something to get people up and out to the stores.

  2. love it!

  3. 3 Adam Gershenbaum

    Totally talking to our retail team and to our digital rep about this. I don’t see why Itunes wouldn’t do something like this. Great Idea! This would be very cool to generate pre sales also.

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