Develop This: Twitter + RSS Aggregator


In the spirit of Twitter, I’ll keep this short:


I would love to be able to import my RSS subscriptions into a microblogging platform like Twitter and receive short 140 character updates on the sites, news and search terms I’m following alongside the tweets from the community I follow.

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2 Responses to “Develop This: Twitter + RSS Aggregator”

  1. Hey…
    Jaiku kinda does this. I have Jaiku setup to push my twitter feed. I don’t know how it will do feeding blogs and such like a google reader. Could you setup google reader to also do the same? probably…however the question is does one want yet-another-web2.0-app or is this a client (pc, mobile etc)? I at least have the name for it…Life2.0


  2. Cool idea!!!

    I was also thinking on a similar line. I wanted to have a mobile aggregator (like SMS notifications) for Classifieds in the web. Not sure if such tool already exists.

    Trif: Jaiku is now google product. If google considers then it should be a good service [;)]


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