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On Saturday, I enjoyed a fantastic day with my Schneider Associates colleagues @amyyen, @mariagarcia, @willwheeler, @sarahhutton, @lauranelson, @mscharlotte, @d_sullivan and @pamelump and my soon-to-be Edelman Digital colleague @rickmurray at the PR Advanced: PRSSA Goes 2.0 conference at Boston University, hosted and organized by the BU and Simmons College chapters of the Public Relations Student Society […]

I wish there was a function in Google Trends that allowed users to subscribe to a search category (ie. terms related to broad categories like musical artists, actors and actresses, consumer packaged goods, B2B products and services, consumer technology…) and see localized search trends in these specific categories so it would be possible to see […]

In my busy life as a full time student and working professional, appointment-driven media no longer fits into my schedule. It is quite a rare occasion when I actually have a chance to watch one of my favorite television shows when it airs during prime time on broadcast networks. Instead, I catch up on my […]

Have you checked out Talk to Running Man? I’m working with a team of students working on this project. My classmates and I started middle school when AIM launched in the 90’s so we have a lot to say about the times we’ve spent with AOL/AIM’s Running Man. We’d love to know what you would […]

I really appreciated the opportunity to attend and be a panelist for Euroblog this past Friday in Brussels (thanks to @rickmurray for the invite!). Here are three videos from the summit. The first two are roundup videos with clips from the last two days of the summit; the third is a short interview Neville Hobson […]

Here is an interview I filmed with my Flip Video while visiting J.HORNIG in Graz with Josef. Edith discussed Hornig Coffee and coffee culture in Austria. English translation hopefully coming soon:)  

I just returned last night from an incredible trip to Austria where I was visiting friends and colleagues. Here are some of the photos I took during the trip. I’ll upload the video I took using my new Flip Video next weekend. Ich Liebe Österreich!!

This February, I had the chance to hear Jeremy Arnon speak about “Building Brands in Interactive Media” during a panel at BRITE. Jeremy is a Senior Director of Business Development at Quattro Wireless and was nice enough to read my BRITE Takeaways post and get in touch. After speaking with Jeremy, it was clear that […]

Last month at BRITE, I was really interested in an idea we discussed that involved developing a portfolio strategy for building brands; Thinking like a great VC, these brands would have a rounded portfolio of high risk investments (cutting edge digital approaches to communicating with consumers and media) balanced with low risk investments (traditional communications […]