Developing a Portfolio Strategy for Finding a Job and Building a Brand


Last month at BRITE, I was really interested in an idea we discussed that involved developing a portfolio strategy for building brands; Thinking like a great VC, these brands would have a rounded portfolio of high risk investments (cutting edge digital approaches to communicating with consumers and media) balanced with low risk investments (traditional communications outreach with consumers and media). This portfolio would introduce innovative opportunities and approaches while still balancing the amount of overall risk of in investing in the communications strategy.

I’ve been thinking about this strategy for my college mates as well. As we search for post-graduation jobs in an increasingly competitive job market, we can only really stand out if we find new ways off communicating with potential employers. As students of our prospective industries, it’s often risky and scary to publicly assert our perspective on the profession and communicate directly with potential employers and colleagues on the Web; however, we will never move from the safe role of being a commodity as an applicant and really find the job we love if we aren’t investing our time and energy in higher risk, innovative approaches.


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  1. Amanda,

    I don’t want to end up writing a ‘classic’ comment like “great post!” or “I couldn’t agree more”…etc. etc. etc.
    I guess you already know what I’m thinking right now…
    I want to focus on the value behind your words (and I’m sure that I’m not the only one seeing it…)

    What I can say from my personal experience is that, many people actually share this point of view you blogged about, but only few really take it into action.

    I think we need more people that don’t simply think this way but that really act this way. I’m sure you are one of these.

    Especially for who is entering the ‘real’ job market for the first time, this is not always easy and sometimes can be scary too, but that’s part of the game. That’s the first phase of a ‘natural’ selection the shows how’s one step ahead and who’s (probably) never going to make it.

    Today the risk can be in approaching your employer, tomorrow the risk will be leading much bigger projects or even an entire company.

    Although at that time I was already running my first company, I was feeling the same way when I was studying to get my Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Now I’m running my second company, and you know what makes me go on? That same drive, the same passion I have for what I’m doing…

    I felt, the same drive in your post.

    My best wish? I really hope that this comment will help you in not losing that drive and that passion
    (like I always told you…) Don’t lose it!


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