BRITE Followup: Interview with Jeremy Arnon, Quattro Wireless


This February, I had the chance to hear Jeremy Arnon speak about “Building Brands in Interactive Media” during a panel at BRITE. Jeremy is a Senior Director of Business Development at Quattro Wireless and was nice enough to read my BRITE Takeaways post and get in touch. After speaking with Jeremy, it was clear that he and his team at Quattro are leading really great work in the mobile space; I was interested in learning more. Here is a short interview I conducted with Jeremy:

Amanda: How and why did you begin working in the digital and mobile space?
Jeremy: and I had been working in sports marketing selling sponsorships and integrated marketing campaigns to brands such as Dodge and Pepsi. The brands were increasingly asking me about emerging media opportunities (mainly online), and I have always had an interest in technology. Around the same time, I was introduced to an Italian company named Neo Network Mobile who was having tremendous success with mobile media (SMS, PSMS and interactive video technologies) in the Italian market. They were looking to launch in the US and I was looking to transition into emerging media so it was a perfect marriage. That was a little over three years ago.

Amanda: Describe your work at Quattro Wireless? What innovation in business and technology is Quattro Wireless leading?
Jeremy: At Quattro Wireless I am Senior Director, Business Development. My team focuses on working with publishers such as the NFL, the NBA, Univision, etc. We build adapted mobile sites for these customers and then help to monetize these Mobile Web experiences by selling advertising across our mobile ad network. Currently, we have over 75 premier publishers on board and are working with top advertisers such as P&G, Chevy, Sony Pictures, Lions Gate Films and many others.

Quattro is continuing to innovate when it comes to building mobile sites. We recently released a specially adapted iPhone site for For advertisers, the new iPhone-adapted site creates new opportunities for mobile ads being created specifically for the iPhone that are gaining in popularity. iPhone-specific ads on the mobile site will be integrated into the content in a way that ensures visibility and encourages interaction as opposed to the current iPhone sites that require users to pinch-and-scroll to view a specific ad.

Amanda: What encouraged you to sign up for BRITE and serve as a speaker?
Jeremy: I was actually a student of Prof. Bernd Schmitt’s while attending Columbia Business School’s EMBA program. I was interested in the topic and wanted to support Prof. Schmitt.

Amanda: A little over a month after the conference, what idea(s) presented at BRITE are you still thinking about?
Jeremy: I have been thinking about ways in which mobile, specifically, can do a better job at offering advertisers efficient buys across multiple countries. Mobile phones are such an important part of people’s lives throughout the world and advertisers with a global footprint want to be able to reach these customers at a local level. With the great brands that Quattro works with, such as the NFL, NBA, Playboy, etc., we have access to a built in international user base. To be able to offer advertisers trusted names such as the brands mentioned here, in addition to scale, is one big goal in the effort to expand internationally.

If you’re interested in connecting with Jeremy, here is his LinkedIn profile:

Image of Bernd Schmitt (Left), Jeremy (Center) and Microsoft Massive’s Carol Koh Evans (Right) from Christopher Liechty and the BRITE 08 Flickr group.


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