Euroblog 2008 Coverage


I really appreciated the opportunity to attend and be a panelist for Euroblog this past Friday in Brussels (thanks to @rickmurray for the invite!). Here are three videos from the summit. The first two are roundup videos with clips from the last two days of the summit; the third is a short interview Neville Hobson conducted with Rick Murray.

I particularly enjoyed this excerpt from a post Rick wrote on the Edelman Digital blog detailing the impetus for the summit:

“We all know that every kid going to every college in the world belongs to Facebook or a comparable, locally-relevant social network…What we don’t know is why the post-secondary education that they’re investing 3-4 years (and in most cases, a whole lot of money) in doesn’t challenge and teach them how to think about the implications of all this from a different – yes, commercial – perspective.

You’d think it’d be a GenYer’s version of Nirvana. Think about it: getting paid to blog and play on Facebook all day long. Where do I sign up? Unfortunately, most colleges and most academicians aren’t thinking this way. Facebook, to them, is where students post pics of themselves doing things that they’d rather not their parents see.

Our message to those attending Euroblog 2008 is simple: Good morning, Academia. Wake the heck up. Give your head a shake. Please.

We don’t want to hire kids who know how to do things that were best of class practices in 1995 (remember the VNR?); we want kids who are defining what best of class practices will be tomorrow. Oh yeah, and we’re willing to pay a lot more for them than we are the kids who still think a career in PR is about spin and stunts.”

You can find additional live coverage here.


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