If You Could Talk to Running Man, What Would You Say?



Have you checked out Talk to Running Man? I’m working with a team of students working on this project. My classmates and I started middle school when AIM launched in the 90’s so we have a lot to say about the times we’ve spent with AOL/AIM’s Running Man.


We’d love to know what you would say to Running Man about your experiences with AIM. Record a quick video on your webcam and upload it to the site to jump into the conversation.

Here’s what AIM user Dave told Running Man:


One Response to “If You Could Talk to Running Man, What Would You Say?”

  1. I’m actually a little intimidated by Running Man. He’s thin enough to fit under doors and in the cracks in the floor, so he can be EVERYWHERE. He’s also taking your words and sharing them with others.

    It’s not a topic for Thingstoworryabout.com YET, but it could be something I write about at BOC or even as a column during my writing sabbatical.

    Keep the ideas flowing. Here’s some sharing….

    blog is Bowlofcheese dot com
    sabbatical site is jeffcutler dot com

    and everything else just links off those.

    Perhaps I’ll see you at the tweet-up this weekend,


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