This Could Be Next: Google is the New A&R Man


I wish there was a function in Google Trends that allowed users to subscribe to a search category (ie. terms related to broad categories like musical artists, actors and actresses, consumer packaged goods, B2B products and services, consumer technology…) and see localized search trends in these specific categories so it would be possible to see what artists, CPG, consumer tech, etc. are particularly popular in one area of the country or world.

Recently, in my entertainment marketing class, my professor asked, “What new opportunity in the music industry do you foresee arising in the next few years?”

I blurted out that I think that Google will become the new A&R man. If Google Trends adds the kinds of features I suggested here, search would have increasingly powerful potential to track pop culture trends. The entertainment industry would have an incredible resource to track hot and emerging artists in key entertainment markets like L.A. and NYC by tracking the rise of their online buzz and local search volume.


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