Digital Natives Attend PRSSA Goes 2.0 Conference in Boston


On Saturday, I enjoyed a fantastic day with my Schneider Associates colleagues @amyyen, @mariagarcia, @willwheeler, @sarahhutton, @lauranelson, @mscharlotte, @d_sullivan and @pamelump and my soon-to-be Edelman Digital colleague @rickmurray at the PR Advanced: PRSSA Goes 2.0 conference at Boston University, hosted and organized by the BU and Simmons College chapters of the Public Relations Student Society of America. I have attended several professional conferences over the past few years that explored the digital revolution in communications; it was refreshing to spend the day at a conference organized and attended almost entirely by digital natives. The organizers invited an impressive group of senior communications professionals to speak with us about new trends, opportunities and challenges public relations professionals and their clients face as digital media increasingly influences business and society.

I attended sessions with David Meerman Scott, Greg Peverill-Conti (Weber Shandwick), Jason Glashow (Fleishman-Hillard), Dusty S. Rhodes (Conventures) and a keynote address from Rick Murray, president of Edelman Digital.

Amy posted her takeaways here. I posted as many as I could on my Twitter feed.

I also used my Flip Video to record Rick Murray’s session:

There was a particularly interesting moment when Rick showed the students (many soon-to-be college graduates) in the audience two slides that compared interview questions potential new hires at Edelman were asked in 2004 vs. the questions they are asked in 2008.

Examples of basic questions asked in 2004:

What newspapers do you read?

Who’s your favorite journalist?

Here’s a situation: write a press release.

Are you comfortable with the internet?

How about the idea of cold calling reporters?

Where do you want to be in five years?

Examples of basic questions asked in 2008:

How do you stay up to speed on what’s going on in the world?

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve seen online in the past few months?

Ever heard of Twitter, Flickr, Joost, etc.? Which ones do you use most?

What do you feel are the most influential blogs and why?

What social networks do you belong to?

What brands/companies “get” this new environment…?

There were several additional questions related to new media. These are questions *all* employees are expected to answer; not just employees interviewing for Digital. Rick went on to say that employees that aren’t actively engaged in the digital space and emerging media will earn 25-30% less than employees that are (if they’re hired at all). It was an important lesson for all students and professors in the audience.

Thank you to all of the organizers and speakers who made this such a great day!


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  1. Amanda

    You’re right. I should have answer some questions at PRSSA. What can I say other than time got away from me.

    I’m always conflicted. Am I speaking to people like you who are digital natives. Or the many people who are not?

    Happy to answer some here or via email or via facebook.

    Take care.


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