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I’m a few weeks away from graduating college. As you can imagine (or are experiencing yourself right now), my entire life is in flux. It’s as exciting as it is completely scary. Tonight when I got home from class, I logged into Facebook and noticed that Jeff Pulver posted a new note about “Discovering Your […]

Over dinner at Sonsie last weekend, ASL friend Steve Hall told us about how he started Adrants, his favorite and least favorite sites on the Web and his response to Amy’s question, “What’s the most surprising thing that’s happened in advertising.” Please excuse the quality of the video. It wasn’t a result of my beloved […]

New site the ASL crew loves- PROpenMic. When Robert French tweeted me a few weeks (or month?? time flies when you’re in finals so I’m not sure) back and asked for name suggestions for a new site he was starting up, I didn’t imagine to scope of what he was building. The network he has […]

Maybe John and his friends are really on to something. According to a Times Online article that @AmandaMooney came across, Club Penguin is hitting the world by storm after its recent launch in the U.K. An estimated 750,000 British children are already engaging on Club Penguin. I give John props for joining the site long […]

I just finished a quick chat on AIM with my dad. We instant message each other occasionally throughout the day. At the end of each day, he prints out the convo and passes it over to my mom. We appropriately title these, “pamchats.” Anyway, it was nearing the end of our pamchat today when my […]

ASL friend and CEO of Refine + Focus, Zach Braiker explains the origins of The Rubber Chicken Social Club:

I’m in the middle of finishing up a project for my design class and am either running back and forth between my school’s library to use Photoshop or using inadequate tools I have in programs already installed on my computer. I don’t use design software for personal use outside of work enough to justify paying […]

MediaShift Idea Lab’s J.D. Lasica posted this roundup on “Blogtropulus vs. the Legacy Press Room“: The traditional press lounge and the bloggers lounge (dubbed Blogtropolus, above) were set up side by side. As someone who inhabits both worlds, I was fascinated by the study in contrasts. Both rooms have wireless access, but there the similarity […]

iCarly is cool show on Nick. Kids like it because there is this Webshow that Carly Shay and her friends do together and a lot of people watch it. There is also a Web site kids go to:, where they can watch it and do other things like play games, read blogs, or listen […]

Over brunch yesterday with the ASL crew, Zach Braiker, CEO of Refine + Focus, told us about a really cool idea he has: We also interviewed him about the story behind the Rubber Chicken Social Club…Stay tuned. -Amanda Mooney